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Title III English Learners (ELS)

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Resources for Educators

Identification of ELs & Parent Notification

Parent Notification Letters

Assessments for English Learners (ELs)


      Access for ELLs 2.0

      Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs

      Alternate Access for ELLs

Website Links

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Title I

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The Title I Program

The purpose of Title I is to support school efforts to ensure that all children meet challenging academic standards and have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. This purpose can be accomplished by providing additional resources for high poverty schools to enhance educational opportunities for disadvantaged students. Title I funds must be used in addition to District and State funds. All of the services students would receive in the absence of Title I must be in place before Title I funds are used.

Title I provides flexible funding that may be used to provide additional instructional staff, professional development, extended-time programs, and other strategies for raising student achievement in high-poverty schools. The program focuses on promoting schoolwide reform in high-poverty schools and ensuring students' access to scientifically based instructional strategies and challenging academic content. Title I provisions provide a mechanism for holding states, school districts, and schools accountable for improving the academic achievement of all students and turning around low-performing schools, while providing alternatives to students in such schools to enable those students to receive a high-quality education. 


Weber School District Title I Schools

LEA Parent Involvement Policy

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Title Programs

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Title I A College & Career Ready

  • Lori Rasmussen l 
  • Link: Title I A Information

Title II A Teacher Quality

  • Larry Hadley  

Title III A ELL Services

Title VI

  • District Contact: Gina Butters 

Title VII

  • District Contact:

Title VII Part A Indian Education

Title VII Part B Homeless Education

Title IX 


  • District Contact: Karla Porter 
  • School Contact: Building Principal


  • District Contact: William Grilz  
  • School Contact: Building Principal

Link: Title IX Information 

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Community Relations

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Lane Findlay

Community Relations Specialist

(801) 476-7821

5320 Adams Ave Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405

The Community Relations Section serves as a resource to schools and programs and builds public understanding and support for schools in the Weber School District. The section serves as the liaison between the district, the community and the media and assists in coordinating media coverage of the educational process.

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Download the Panopto recorder by clicking here or by going to

Watch the bottom of your browser window for download prompts. Run the downloaded file to install.

Panopto Quick Reference Sheet

This guide will be helpful when creating your first recordings. Use it to make sure your recording comes out right the first time. Click here to download the guide.

Current Tutorials

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Lane Findlay

Community Relations Specialist

(801) 476-7821

5320 Adams Ave Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405

The Weber School District recognizes that a safety program for students and employees is necessary to accomplish its public education mission.

The Weber School District recognizes that a safety program for students and employees is necessary to accomplish its public education mission. Although safety and loss control is a shared responsibility the Safety Section helps with compliance in areas of safety such as: Child Access Routing Plans, Emergency Response and Evacuation, Risk Management, and other health and occupational requirements.

Our Weber School District Employees review precautions training on a regular basis. The trainings include Right to Know training, Standard Response Protocol Training and Blood Borne Pathogens along with other related safety programs.

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Wellness Challenge

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Next Wellness Challenge will be in February!


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1W-9 FormW-9 Form92.97 KB586 times
2TAX EXEMPT FORM2016 0607TAX EXEMPT FORM2016 0607Empty0 times
3Tax Exempt FormTax Exempt Form50.85 KB1669 times
4Secondary Financial Procedures ManualSecondary Financial Procedures Manual104.32 KB1869 times
5Sage ORS Participation reports   2015Sage ORS Participation reports 2015726.95 KB1706 times
6Out of State Travel RequestOut of State Travel Request73.02 KB1293 times
7Mileage SheetMileage SheetEmpty0 times
8Mileage SheetMileage Sheet8.48 KB2085 times
9Mileage and Per Diem RatesMileage and Per Diem Rates80.19 KB1475 times
10Grama Request FormGrama Request Form1.79 MB2247 times
11Elementary Financial Procedures ManualElementary Financial Procedures Manual48.3 KB2821 times

Financial Reports

 Financial ReportsFinancial Reports


1Adopted Budget 2020-21Adopted Budget 2020-21392.59 KB134 times


1Financial Statements 2020Financial Statements 20207.03 MB255 times
2Adopted Budget 2019-20Adopted Budget 2019-20411.54 KB518 times


1Financial Statements 2019Financial Statements 20197.11 MB601 times
2Adopted Budget 2018-19Adopted Budget 2018-19295.7 KB788 times


1Proposed Budget 2018Proposed Budget 2018551.09 KB920 times
2Financial Statements 2018Financial Statements 20181.25 MB655 times


1Proposed Budget 2017Proposed Budget 2017770.5 KB1112 times
2Financial Statements 2017Financial Statements 2017657.58 KB1573 times
3Final Budget 2017Final Budget 2017551.09 KB999 times


1Proposed Budget 2016Proposed Budget 2016857.06 KB1087 times
2Financial Statements 2016Financial Statements 2016670.03 KB1400 times
3Final Budget 2016Final Budget 2016770.5 KB1212 times


1Proposed Budget 2015Proposed Budget 2015746.87 KB1069 times
2Financial Statements 2015Financial Statements 20151.24 MB1275 times
3Final Budget 2015Final Budget 2015857.06 KB1089 times


1Proposed Budget 2014Proposed Budget 2014951.92 KB1064 times
2Financial Statements 2014Financial Statements 20144.62 MB1109 times
3Final Budget 2014Final Budget 2014746.87 KB946 times


1Proposed Budget 2013Proposed Budget 20139.48 MB1265 times
2Financial Statements 2013Financial Statements 20133.52 MB982 times
3Final Budget 2013Final Budget 2013951.92 KB1100 times


1Proposed Budget 2012Proposed Budget 20129.34 MB1101 times
2Financial Statements 2012Financial Statements 20122.96 MB1079 times
3Final Budget 2012Final Budget 20129.48 MB1257 times


1Proposed Budget 2011Proposed Budget 2011865.04 KB946 times
2Financial Statements 2011Financial Statements 2011229.91 KB1076 times
3Final Budget 2011Final Budget 20119.34 MB1218 times


1Proposed Budget 2010Proposed Budget 2010857.99 KB963 times
2Financial Statements 2010Financial Statements 20101.21 MB1048 times
3Final Budget 2010Final Budget 2010865.04 KB1177 times


1Financial Statements 2009Financial Statements 20091.15 MB1074 times
2Final Budget 2009Final Budget 2009857.99 KB1063 times

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Staff Directory

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Bowman, Doriann

Business Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7837

Charlesworth, Sherie

Accountant - Schools

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7842

Craynor, Theresa

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7840

Goodsell, Melissa

Business Secretary/Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7831

Hodson, Julie

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7857

Manning, Melony

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7834

Meyerhoffer, Keri

Business Support Specialist

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7839

Olsen, Michele

Business Support Accountant

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7844

Petersen, Robert

Business Administrator

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7841

Pilkington, Seth

Assistant Business Administrator

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7843

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Robert Petersen

Business Administrator

(801) 476-7841

Melissa Goodsell

Business Secretary/Accounts Payable Clerk

(801) 476-7831

OGDEN, UT 84405

Our department provides budget and finance services to district administration, district staff, state and federal agencies, and community patrons.

The Weber School District Business Department functions as the finance and budgeting arm of the Weber School District. The staff includes a business administrator, three accountants, three full-time accounts payable clerks, one part-time accounts payable clerk, a purchasing agent, and two buyers. We provide business and payroll services to all schools and departments. We also provide important budget information to state and federal agencies, the Weber School District Board, district staff and administration, and the Superintendent. For further information see related purchasing and other finance links.

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