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Thursday, 10 November 2016 16:00

Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Information

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State Board Requirements

APT is an alternative pathway to a Utah Educator License approved by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) in June 2016. It is governed by Utah Administrative Rule R277-511.

It allows an individual who has a bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited university to pass the appropriate Board-approved content knowledge test to apply for and receive a Level 1 APT License with an Elementary (Grades K-6) or Secondary (Grades 6-12) area of concentration.

This license is valid for three school years and if the individual is not hired in a teaching position in Utah may be renewed using the standard Level 1 renewal procedures.

A Utah public school district or charter school (Local Education Agency (LEA)) that chooses to hire an individual holding this type of license must assign a master teacher as the individual’s mentor and must prepare the individual to meet the Public Educator Evaluation Requirements (PEER). Once hired, the individual must complete the Entry Years Enhancements (EYE) program to be eligible for upgrade to a standard Level 2 Utah Educator license.

In addition to the EYE requirements, the individual must complete three years of full-time teaching or four years of at least 0.4 Full Time Employment (FTE) of teaching under the supervision of the master teacher, any additional requirements of the recommending LEA, and receive the recommendation of the master teacher mentor and the LEA administrator.
Weber School District Requirements

In order to be considered for employment with Weber District under this license, an applicant must obtain the APT-Level 1 License through the Utah Board of Education Office as described above within on year of hire. Once a candidate obtains an APT- Level 1 License, the District will determine course work required of the candidate in order to be recommended for a Level 2 License. These courses must be taken during the candidate’s first three years of employment, during the employee’s provisional status. The course work the District will require is similar to those required by the ARL program. (See APT Courses Handout). The District may make exceptions to the course requirements based on an employee’s transcripts, past work experience, job performance, or relevant workshop and/or conference attendance. For now, the majority of the courses will be required through accredited universities, although eventually, the District hopes to offer the course work itself, so employees need not pay tuition rates of universities.

Those looking to move mover over from the ARL program to the APT program will need to meet with the District APT Committee to determine what years and course work from the ARL program may be transferred. At least one year has to be completed through the APT program if an employee transfers over. Please keep in mind as stated above, an employee with an APT license is also responsible for the EYE requirements during this 3 year period before they could be considered for an upgrade to a Level 2 License.

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