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EJI Committees and Mission Statement

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WSD Equity, Justice and Inclusion Mission Statement

Help create a safe and inclusive climate throughout the district
wherein diversity/differences are embraced and celebrated,
every student and employee is inspired to achieve, thrive and grow,
and where each is empowered to act against any form of intolerance, bigotry (and/or) injustice.


WSD Equity Advisory Committee Members

Kilo Zamora - Social Change Facilitation, CEO; Gender Studies Faculty, University of Utah

Jackie Thompson - Governor's Multicultural Commission and Retired Educator

Forrest Crawford - Professor, Weber State University

Kathleen Christy - Retired Educational Equity Director


WSD Equity Committee Members

Dr. Jeff Stephens - Superintendent

Lori Rasmussen - Assistant Superintendent

Art Hansen - Assistant Superintendent

Jan Burrell - Board Member, WSD Board of Education

Gina Butters - Executive Director, Secondary

Cami Alexander - Executive Director, Elementary

Jamie Ellis - Director, Equity, Justice, and Inclusion

Karla Porter - Director, Student Services

Clyde Moore - Supervisor, Secondary Education

Karen Miller - Coordinator, Equity, Justice, and Inclusion

Ray Long - Retired Administator, WSD

Brandon Baca - Teacher, Social Studies; President, WEA

Lorena Hernandez - Teacher, Spanish Immerison

Barb Whitman - Director, Ogden-Weber UniServ

Heidi Alder - WSD Legal Counsel

Sandy Lambert - Support Staff


WSD Equity Team

Roy Cone 

Melinda Stimpson - Roy High School/Social Studies Teacher

Amy Herrick - Roy High School/LIA and EL Teacher

Anneke Petersen - Two Rivers High/Counselor

Jenny Stone - Two Rivers High/Language Arts Teacher

Alexandra Smith - Sand Ridge Jr. High/Spanish, ESL Teacher


Bonneville Cone 

Natasha Davis - Bonneville High School/Counselor

Cedric Smith - T.H. Bell Jr. High/Science Teacher

Clay Dyer - Washington Terrace Elementary/6th Grade Teacher

Craig Pitts  - H Guy Elementary/2nd Grade Teacher


Weber Cone 

Melanie Malan - Weber High School/Spanish Teacher

Marian Doman - Orion Junior High/History Teacher

Julie Smith - Bates Elementary/Counselor

Melissa LeeMaster - North Ogden Elementary/Reading Specialist

Amy Ogle - Valley Elementary/5th Grade Teacher


Fremont Cone 

Trudy Sportsman - Rocky Mountain Jr. High/Library, Media Specialist

Caysie Bowden - Rocky Mountain Junior High/Counselor

Sher Elliott - Plain City Elementary/Counselor


Flex Team 

Jennifer Warren – District/SpEd Supervisor

Quinn Talbot - T. H. Bell Junior High School/Asst. Principal

Nick Reyes - Bonneville High School/Asst. Principal

Brandon Lott - Freedom Elementary/Principal

Christy Wagner - District Curriculum Specialist

Juliana Woodbury - Canyon View/Principal

Nichole Warren-Doman - Bonneville High/Asst. Principal

Justin Skeen - Lomond View/Principal

Alicia Mitchell - Fremont High School/Asst. Principal

Phil Nestoryak - Valley View Elementary/Principal


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