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Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)

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Reference Materials

Reference MaterialsReference Materials

1Elementary Introductory PowerPointElementary Introductory PowerPoint1.38 MB173 times
2Guide for Teachers Writing SLOsGuide for Teachers Writing SLOs958.48 KB161 times
3Indicators of Strong SLOIndicators of Strong SLO620.88 KB132 times
4Quality Check ToolQuality Check Tool322.28 KB136 times
5Secondary Introductory PowerPointSecondary Introductory PowerPoint1.11 MB154 times
6Three Main Criteria for a Quality SLOThree Main Criteria for a Quality SLO350.24 KB244 times
7Utah SLO Development GuideUtah SLO Development Guide31.87 KB198 times
8WSD SLO TemplateWSD SLO Template46.5 KB230 times

Student Learning Objectives

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1Kindergarten dibels sloKindergarten dibels slo60 KB259 times
2Kindergarten math slo   final versionKindergarten math slo final version72.5 KB278 times
3Kindergarten writing sloKindergarten writing slo56 KB137 times
4Math SLOMath SLO72.5 KB186 times
5Reading SLOReading SLO60 KB159 times
6Writing SLOWriting SLO56 KB122 times

1st Grade1st Grade

1Math SLOMath SLO59.5 KB180 times
2Reading SLOReading SLO209 KB173 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO433 KB155 times

2nd Grade2nd Grade

12nd grade dibels slo2nd grade dibels slo56.5 KB142 times
22nd grade writing slo2nd grade writing slo61 KB123 times
3Math SLOMath SLO64 KB154 times
4Reading SLOReading SLO56.5 KB177 times
5Revised 2nd grade math sloRevised 2nd grade math slo64 KB146 times
6Writing SLOWriting SLO61 KB124 times

3rd Grade3rd Grade

1ELA SLOELA SLO25.22 KB175 times
2Math SLOMath SLO54.99 KB222 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO26.57 KB168 times

4th Grade4th Grade

14th grade ela slo4th grade ela slo38.98 KB183 times
24th grade math slo   multiplication4th grade math slo multiplication63 KB214 times
34th grade math slo   problem solving4th grade math slo problem solving28.18 KB235 times
44th grade writing slo4th grade writing slo63.5 KB143 times
5ELA SLOELA SLO38.98 KB156 times
6Math SLO - MultiplicationMath SLO - Multiplication63 KB198 times
7Math SLO - Problem SolvingMath SLO - Problem Solving28.18 KB148 times
8Writing SLOWriting SLO63.5 KB145 times

5th Grade5th Grade

1ELA SLOELA SLO60 KB154 times
2Math SLOMath SLO61.5 KB217 times
3Writing SLOWriting SLO25.64 KB174 times

6th Grade6th Grade

1ELA SLOELA SLO22.82 KB180 times
2Math SLOMath SLO21.65 KB216 times
3Math SLO Data FormMath SLO Data Form13.85 KB144 times
4Reading SLO Data FormReading SLO Data Form14.81 KB114 times
5Writing SLOWriting SLO24.77 KB147 times



1Accounting I - SLO #1Accounting I - SLO #121.48 KB126 times
2Accounting I - SLO #2Accounting I - SLO #221.32 KB123 times
3Adult Roles/Financial Lit - CommunicationAdult Roles/Financial Lit - Communication21.04 KB127 times
4Adult Roles/Financial Lit - Decision MakingAdult Roles/Financial Lit - Decision Making21.8 KB128 times
5Animal Science - NutritionAnimal Science - Nutrition56 KB126 times
6Art Foundations I - Creating Expressive ArtArt Foundations I - Creating Expressive Art22.53 KB123 times
7Art Foundations I - Elements & Principles of DesignArt Foundations I - Elements & Principles of Design65.19 KB125 times
8Art I - Visual CommunicationArt I - Visual Communication59.5 KB124 times
9Automation and RoboticsAutomation and Robotics55 KB123 times
10Automotive - Lift ProceduresAutomotive - Lift Procedures57 KB135 times
11Automotive - Repair OrdersAutomotive - Repair Orders60 KB134 times
12Child Development - 5 Areas of DevelopmentChild Development - 5 Areas of Development58.5 KB175 times
13Childhood Education (Early) 1AChildhood Education (Early) 1A63 KB124 times
14Clothing I - GuidesheetClothing I - Guidesheet58.5 KB135 times
15Clothing I - MachineClothing I - Machine60.5 KB170 times
16CNA - Basic SkillsCNA - Basic Skills55 KB122 times
17CNA - Beginning and Ending ProceduresCNA - Beginning and Ending Procedures52 KB125 times
18College and Career Awareness - Business ApplicationsCollege and Career Awareness - Business Applications60 KB137 times
19College and Career Awareness - Career ExplorationCollege and Career Awareness - Career Exploration61 KB141 times
20Computer Programming 1AComputer Programming 1A21.22 KB133 times
21Computer Technology - Cross-Curricular ProjectsComputer Technology - Cross-Curricular Projects18.25 KB125 times
22Computer Technology - SpreadsheetsComputer Technology - Spreadsheets54.5 KB130 times
23Computer Technology - Technology in SocietyComputer Technology - Technology in Society19.06 KB119 times
24Computer Technology - Word ProcessingComputer Technology - Word Processing57 KB125 times
25Design & Visual CommunicationsDesign & Visual Communications60.5 KB132 times
26Digital Electronics #1Digital Electronics #155.5 KB169 times
27Digital Electronics #2Digital Electronics #257 KB234 times
28Digital MediaDigital Media20.9 KB162 times
29Digital Photography - CompositionDigital Photography - Composition29.92 KB141 times
30Digital Photography - Exposure ModesDigital Photography - Exposure Modes21.51 KB130 times
31Drafting - ArchitectureDrafting - Architecture94.5 KB137 times
32Drafting - Tech Design 1Drafting - Tech Design 173.5 KB126 times
33EMR - CPREMR - CPR55 KB122 times
34EMR - SAMPLE HistoryEMR - SAMPLE History53 KB126 times
35Engineering Design ProcessEngineering Design Process60 KB131 times
36Engineering DocumentationEngineering Documentation62 KB135 times
37Exercise ScienceExercise Science51 KB145 times
38FACS A - Interior DesignFACS A - Interior Design59 KB121 times
39Fashion AFashion A21.39 KB121 times
40Foods I - 6 Basic NutrientsFoods I - 6 Basic Nutrients19.54 KB136 times
41Foods I - Food Borne IllnessesFoods I - Food Borne Illnesses20.02 KB119 times
42Foods II - Knife Techniques & CutsFoods II - Knife Techniques & Cuts65.5 KB130 times
43Foods II - Yeast BreadsFoods II - Yeast Breads64 KB135 times
44Foundations of Art (HS) - LogosFoundations of Art (HS) - Logos59.5 KB113 times
45Industrial DesignIndustrial Design62.5 KB123 times
46Intro to Health Science - Anatomical StructuresIntro to Health Science - Anatomical Structures54.5 KB123 times
47Intro to Health Science - CareersIntro to Health Science - Careers56 KB135 times
48Keyboarding #1Keyboarding #152 KB115 times
49Keyboarding #2Keyboarding #252 KB126 times
50Law Enforcement - 4th AmendmentLaw Enforcement - 4th Amendment53 KB141 times
51Law Enforcement - Criminal CodeLaw Enforcement - Criminal Code53.5 KB129 times
52Manufacturing MeasurementManufacturing Measurement60 KB134 times
53Manufacturing SafetyManufacturing Safety55.5 KB128 times
54MAP - DiseasesMAP - Diseases53.5 KB129 times
55MAP - TermsMAP - Terms59 KB141 times
56Medical Forensics - Lab NotebookMedical Forensics - Lab Notebook54.5 KB130 times
57Medical Forensics - Lab Safety and Equipment UseMedical Forensics - Lab Safety and Equipment Use54.5 KB231 times
58Plant & Soil Science - Std. 3Plant & Soil Science - Std. 355 KB126 times
59Plant & Soil Science - Std. 4Plant & Soil Science - Std. 454 KB131 times
60Plant & Soil Science - Std. 5Plant & Soil Science - Std. 561.5 KB127 times
61PLTW - Control SystemsPLTW - Control Systems20.2 KB149 times
62PLTW - Simple MachinesPLTW - Simple Machines20.13 KB136 times
63Small Engine Repair - Part IdentificationSmall Engine Repair - Part Identification57 KB127 times
64Small Engine Repair - Reading a MicrometerSmall Engine Repair - Reading a Micrometer53 KB143 times
65Sports Marketing - Events TriangleSports Marketing - Events Triangle56 KB119 times
66Sports Marketing - Promotion CampaignSports Marketing - Promotion Campaign58.5 KB143 times
67Teen Living - RelationshipsTeen Living - Relationships56.5 KB123 times
68Teen Living - Vision and GoalsTeen Living - Vision and Goals59.5 KB122 times
69Travel and TourismTravel and Tourism21.25 KB133 times
70Welding Technician - GMAWWelding Technician - GMAW90.5 KB127 times
71Welding Technician - SMAWWelding Technician - SMAW58 KB123 times
72Woodworking - JoineryWoodworking - Joinery59 KB126 times
73Woodworking - SafetyWoodworking - Safety57.5 KB124 times

ELL (English Language Learners)ELL (English Language Learners)

1Speaking SLO ElementarySpeaking SLO Elementary64 KB127 times
2Speaking SLO SecondarySpeaking SLO Secondary39.3 KB134 times
3Writing SLO ElementaryWriting SLO Elementary66 KB128 times
4Writing SLO SecondaryWriting SLO Secondary384.69 KB132 times

English Language ArtsEnglish Language Arts

Fine ArtsFine Arts

1Art Foundation I - Elements and Principles of DesignArt Foundation I - Elements and Principles of Design65.63 KB276 times
2Art Foundation I - Perceiving, Critiquing and Evaluating Works of ArtArt Foundation I - Perceiving, Critiquing and Evaluating Works of Art58 KB274 times
3Band I - NotationBand I - Notation19.57 KB118 times
4Band I - ScalesBand I - Scales19.99 KB128 times
5Band II - NotationBand II - Notation19.5 KB120 times
6Band II - ScalesBand II - Scales19.48 KB139 times
7Band III - NotationBand III - Notation19.63 KB135 times
8Band III - ScalesBand III - Scales19.68 KB108 times
9Choir - Intermediate Large Group EvaluationChoir - Intermediate Large Group Evaluation22.98 KB140 times
10Choir - Intermediate Notation LiteracyChoir - Intermediate Notation Literacy23.29 KB145 times
11Choir - Music Notation (Junior High)Choir - Music Notation (Junior High)22.69 KB146 times
12Choir - Sight SingingChoir - Sight Singing22.67 KB139 times
13Choir - Technical Performance Skills (Intermediate)Choir - Technical Performance Skills (Intermediate)22.45 KB214 times
14Foundations of Art - High School (Symbolism and Metaphor)Foundations of Art - High School (Symbolism and Metaphor)59 KB258 times
15Guitar - NotationGuitar - Notation19.78 KB145 times
16Jewelry IIJewelry II58.5 KB126 times
17Jewelry MakingJewelry Making60.5 KB121 times
18Music AppreciationMusic Appreciation20.64 KB122 times
19Orchestra I - NotationOrchestra I - Notation21.12 KB126 times
20Orchestra I - ScalesOrchestra I - Scales19.61 KB116 times
21Orchestra II - NotationOrchestra II - Notation19.84 KB127 times
22Orchestra II - ScalesOrchestra II - Scales19.56 KB116 times
23Orchestra III - NotationOrchestra III - Notation19.17 KB129 times
24Painting - Symbolism/MetaphorPainting - Symbolism/Metaphor59 KB115 times
25PotteryPottery58 KB127 times
26Theatre Foundations I - Constructing MeaningTheatre Foundations I - Constructing Meaning20.59 KB256 times
27Theatre Foundations I - TechniqueTheatre Foundations I - Technique19.71 KB121 times


1Drug and Alcohol PreventionDrug and Alcohol Prevention64.5 KB161 times
2Suicide PreventionSuicide Prevention64.5 KB137 times


Physical EducationPhysical Education

17th Grade PE - BG Team Sports7th Grade PE - BG Team Sports68.5 KB224 times
28th Grade PE - INT ACT8th Grade PE - INT ACT70.5 KB133 times
39th Grade PE - S & T (A)9th Grade PE - S & T (A)70 KB136 times
4High School Fit for LifeHigh School Fit for Life60.5 KB275 times
5High School ILAHigh School ILA61 KB127 times
6Participation Skills and TechniquesParticipation Skills and Techniques63.5 KB259 times

Reading SpecialistsReading Specialists

11st Grade Intervention1st Grade Intervention547 KB139 times
23rd Grade Intervention3rd Grade Intervention61.5 KB143 times


Social StudiesSocial Studies

Special EducationSpecial Education

World LanguagesWorld Languages


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