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Burch Creek Dedication

In honor of Daniel Burch, one of the earliest pioneers to the South Ogden area, the Weber School District proudly dedicated Burch Creek Elementary on Thursday, August 18, 2016.  Built to accommodate the student bodies from the aging MarLon Hills and Club Heights elementary schools, Burch Creek is a state-of-the-art facility that offers breath-taking views of the Wasatch Mountains.  Principal Rick Proffers conducted the dedication which was attended by members of the school board and other local dignitaries.  Several students from the area were chosen to help President Brent Richardson with the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Burch Creek Elementary will service between 600-650 students from the South Ogden area.

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Community Relations

Lane Findlay

Community Relations Specialist

(801) 476-7821

5320 Adams Ave Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405

The Community Relations Section serves as a resource to schools and programs and builds public understanding and support for schools in the Weber School District. The section serves as the liaison between the district, the community and the media and assists in coordinating media coverage of the educational process.

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Current Tutorials

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Staff Directory

Findlay, Lane

Community Relations Specialist


Gustaveson, Margaret



Orr, Cami

Community Relations/Legal Counsel Assistant


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Lane Findlay

Community Relations Specialist

(801) 476-7821

5320 Adams Ave Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405

The Weber School District recognizes that a safety program for students and employees is necessary to accomplish its public education mission.

The Weber School District recognizes that a safety program for students and employees is necessary to accomplish its public education mission. Although safety and loss control is a shared responsibility the Safety Section helps with compliance in areas of safety such as: Child Access Routing Plans, Emergency Response and Evacuation, Risk Management, and other health and occupational requirements.

Our Weber School District Employees review precautions training on a regular basis. The trainings include Right to Know training, Standard Response Protocol Training and Blood Borne Pathogens along with other related safety programs.

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Success Stories

If you have a great success story we would love to hear about it. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Jerri Callntine, H. Guy Child Elementary School

It's been a great two years. I started with Weight Watchers January 4, 2007 and thus far have lost 100 lbs. It's been great having all the support Weight Watchers and members give me. My "mantra" has been to take small steps. Weight Watchers starts you out with a 10% goal and I continued to think that way throughout the process. I kept small realistic "mini-goals" in mind. I realized right off that I needed to set clearer limits for myself- chocolate in moderation might be okay for someone else, but not for me. I have a hard time stopping. During the first year and half when I needed a treat I would turn to Weight Watcher desserts, such as their chocolate fudge ice cream bars. I've finally learned that I can eat whatever I want, but I can't eat all that I want. Weight Watchers is going to be a lifetime commitment. It's not easy, but it's worth it. I struggle everyday, but I know there's help out there and that there are other people just like me.

Boyd Harris, District Office Head Custodian

I have lost a total of 260 lbs. At age 38 I was sick of being fat! I have been overweight since I was 2 years old. With blood pressure out of control even with three medications I decided it was time to do it. I had spent my whole life trying to get rid of the weight with little success. It just takes something to finally click in your brain to make it happen. I don't know exactyly what it was that finally clicked. I suspect it was a combination of factors. Even my doctor asked me what my secret is. It's interesting to note that not even doctors know what it takes to finally make it happen. Anyway, I just decided that on January 20 , 2003 I would begin. I chose that day because I determined that all of the junk food in the house would be gone by then! I started with small walks around the bloc (not fun in winter) and gradually increased the distance. With the increase in activity I also started using the slim-fast system. A shake for breakfast, lunch and a sensible dinner. A couple of snacks thrown in during the day, usually fruit, veggies or a small amount of popcorn, pretzels or well, you get the idea. I have never been a BIG eater. You know, the two cheese burger, huge fries kind of guy. I am a grazer. I could eat a little bit all day. A handful of this and that all day long adds up quickly.

I still use the slim-fast system to a lesser extent. Usually a shake in the morning, more out of convenience because I get up at 3:45am and I'm not in the mood for "breakfast". If not a shake it's a half cup of oatmeal with cinnamon and a banana. Lunch is sometimes a small healthy meal or a slim-fast shake or bar depending on my mood or time. Dinner is always sensible. Salad and veggies are the main part of the meal with a small piece of chicken or fish. Red meat no more than once a week. Sometimes rice and steamed veggies or a piece of high fiber bread.


I walk a minimum of 6 miles everyday. There have been few exceptions in the routine over the last 5 years. I have discovered that for me, I have to keep moving to make it happen. It's time consuming, boring, not always fun in the heat and cold dodging traffic, dogs and wild hornets. However, for me, it is absolutely essential! The main thing is to figure out what works for you. It's not rocket surgery! We all basically know what to do, it's just doing it that's hard.

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Wellness Champions

Thursday, 27 October 2016 21:33

Wellness Challenge

Next Wellness Challenge will be in February!


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Financial Reports

 Financial ReportsFinancial Reports


1Adopted Budget 2020-21Adopted Budget 2020-21392.59 KB44 times


1Financial Statements 2020Financial Statements 20207.03 MB62 times
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3Final Budget 2014Final Budget 2014746.87 KB874 times


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2Financial Statements 2013Financial Statements 20133.52 MB889 times
3Final Budget 2013Final Budget 2013951.92 KB984 times


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2Financial Statements 2012Financial Statements 20122.96 MB986 times
3Final Budget 2012Final Budget 20129.48 MB1140 times


1Proposed Budget 2011Proposed Budget 2011865.04 KB855 times
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3Final Budget 2011Final Budget 20119.34 MB1105 times


1Proposed Budget 2010Proposed Budget 2010857.99 KB856 times
2Financial Statements 2010Financial Statements 20101.21 MB971 times
3Final Budget 2010Final Budget 2010865.04 KB1060 times


1Financial Statements 2009Financial Statements 20091.15 MB985 times
2Final Budget 2009Final Budget 2009857.99 KB979 times

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Staff Directory

Bowman, Doriann

Business Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7837

Charlesworth, Sherie

Accountant - Schools

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7842

Craynor, Theresa

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7840

Goodsell, Melissa

Business Secretary/Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7831

Hodson, Julie

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7857

Manning, Melony

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7834

Olsen, Michele

Business Support Accountant

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7844

Petersen, Robert

Business Administrator

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7841

Pilkington, Seth

Assistant Business Administrator

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7843

Wells, Deborah

Business Support Specialist

FINANCE (80.1) .476-7839

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