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Elementary Learning Options

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For 2020-2021 - Revised July 28, 2020

In-Person Learning offers the richest learning experiences to develop the whole child and is the preferred learning option for most students and families.

  • Students attend class each day. In the event of a health concern, short-term flexible learning options are available for students to learn from home.
  • Teachers provide learning experiences which ensure students experience the full depth and breadth of the Utah Core State Standards. Essential, important, and supporting skills are taught with a variety of evidence-based practices. Teachers and specialists also provide robust intervention and enrichment supports.
  • Parents and/or guardians are responsible to regularly check in on their students’ progress and support as needed.
  • Social interactions are structured to enhanced learning experiences while keeping students safe and healthy.

Short-term Flexible Learning is a temporary solution for students who are attending in-person, but, due to health-related concerns, find it necessary to learn remotely for one to fifteen consecutive school days.

  • Students work from home on assignments in English language arts, math, and science provided digitally by their assigned classroom teacher(s).
  • Teachers provide online learning experiences that are focused on essential skills and include some teacher-student interaction.
  • Parents and/or Guardians support students’ learning with the expectation they will return to In-Person Learning as soon as possible

Long-term Flexible Learning is a quarter-by-quarter solution for students who choose a fully-online learning experience for at least one full quarter. Each quarter, families determine whether they will continue with Long-term Flexible Learning for the next quarter or return to In-Person Learning.

  • Students work from home on assignments in English language arts, math, and science provided digitally by a classroom teacher.
  • Teachers will provide online learning experiences that focus on essential skills and include some teacher-student interaction. An online advocate will be assigned to assist families with flexible learning.
  • Parents and/or Guardians will be responsible to support and enrich the curriculum.

Remote Learning is 100% online learning provided by Weber School District through the Weber Online program. Families must commit to this option for the entire school year prior to September 25, 2020.

  • Students are Weber School District students, but will not be assigned to a homeroom teacher at the neighborhood school.
  • A certified Weber Online teacher will regularly communicate with parents/guardians to support with technical and content questions.
  • Parents and/or Guardians will serve as the child’s primary teacher
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