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Download the CTE Pathways Brochure

All courses that are needed to complete the following pathways are available through the district. You may also be a pathway concentrator in several pathways not listed.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

  • Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition
  • Plant Science
  • Animal and Veterinary Science
  • Agricultural Production Systems

Architecture & Construction

  • CAD Architectural Design
  • Interior Design

Arts, Audio/Visual Technology & Communications

  • Fashion Apparel and Textiles Broadcasting
  • Audio/Visual Production Professional
  • Broadcasting Professional Graphic Design & Communication
  • Commercial Art
  • Commercial Photography
  • Digital Media

Your Bridge to the Future. CTE Pathways CTE Desktop Guide

Business, Finance & Marketing

  • Accounting and Financial Operations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Office/Administrative Support
  • Marketing and Sales

Education & Training

  • Pre-K: Childhood Education
  • K-12 Education as a Profession

Engineering & Technology

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • CAD Mechanical Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Health Science Clinical Laboratory Science

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Forensics
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Nursing Services

Therapeutic Clinical Services

  • Exercise Science/Sports Medicine

Hospitality & Tourism

  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality and Tourism

Information Technology

  • Programming and Software Development
  • Web Development

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Public Safety & Law Enforcement

  • Protective Services Manufacturing
  • Welding 

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Cabinetmaking/Millwork
  • Machine Tool

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Automotive

  • Service Technician

Each Pathway has required foundation courses and elective courses needed for completion. Students who successfully obtain 3.0 credits in a specific career pathway will receive a CTE Pathway Recognition Award and Certificate. Students who obtain 1.5 credits are considered a concentrator in that pathway. (Pathways may vary from school to school within the Weber School District.)

Career & Technical EducationCareer & Technical Education

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Dear Weber School District Families

We are very pleased to announce as of July 2018, Weber School District will now offer an online Free/Reduced Meal Application submission process. The online application submission is accessed by the guardian logging into and click on the header Students and select Meal Application from the drop down.



      1. Nutrition Promotion Goals
        1. Students will receive consistent nutrition messages throughout the school, classroom, cafeteria, home, community and media. Schools will consider the use of USDA’s Team Nutrition posters/resources to display such messages.
        2. The District will use Smarter Lunchroom’s strategies to encourage healthy food consumption and reduce food waste. (
        3. The District will consider the use of taste tests for nutritional items.
        4. Schools will promote farm to school activities and will consider inviting local farmers to talk about the produce they grow, or plan field trips to farms.
        5. The District Food Service Department will promote limiting the use of processed foods and increase the use of basic fresh foods that emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy foods which are low in fat, added sugars and sodium (Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010).
        6. Schools will allow adequate time for breakfast and lunch. (Target: 15 minutes for lunch once seated) and assure adequate facilities for each student to eat sitting down in the cafeteria.
      2. Nutrition Education Goals

STEM experience at manufacturing

STEM experience at manufacturing

Career and Technology Education (CTE) and Kimberly Clark teamed up to provide a great STEM experience at their manufacturing facility in Ogden. Students learned about manufacturing, problem solving, creativity, automation and robotics. Also discussed were employment opportunities in Manufacturing. We want to thank Kimberly Clark  for the great learning experience.

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