ilta 8I am thrilled at the opportunity to nominate Jennifer Graviet for Weber School District’s Teacher of the Year. It is an honor to talk about the many reasons why she is deserving of this award. Ms. Graviet has something that the great teachers possess… the ability to make every student feel good about themselves. She is an amazing teacher of literature and writing but before this, she creates an incredible learning environment in her Sand Ridge classroom where students feel safe and respected. She individualizes these experiences and makes them personal for every student. An example of this is that on each student’s birthday, she plays the student’s favorite song for the entire class while they are working on their warm-up. Her bell work is always fun, bright, and starts the class off with something that makes students inquire, leading the class into meaningful discussion. Ms. Graviet is able to work with other classes and departments through cross collaborative teams and is the consummate team player. I have seen her students create incredible works of art, invite guest speakers from various walks of life, and implement school-wide initiative that are centered in best practice and are data-driven.

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There are many educators deserving of recognition and awards, doing untold good and service for thousands of students.  Jennifer Sorensen certainly stands out, even among an elite group such as this.  For the nearly twenty years I have known her, she has been an incredible example and mentor to fellow teachers.  Jennifer has been an educator in the fullest sense of the word to thousands of students, instilling confidence, determination, and an educational foundation upon which many amazing lives have been built.  As an art teacher, she has not only inspired students to become artists themselves, but to become teachers, doctors, lawyers, executives, and dozens of other noble pursuits.  And perhaps even more importantly, she has so inspired a generation of students that those students are now perpetuating those lessons and passing them on to a new generation.

ilta 7In a career, if you’ve had the pleasure of working with the likes of Rae Ann Christensen, even for a short time, you will have been truly blessed. Rae Ann is the hardworking, tender-hearted head secretary at Roy High School, and from my perspective, she is THE BEST classified employee I have ever worked with, and she is an even better human being.

March I Love Teaching AwardIt is my privilege to nominate Robyn Cutler for Weber School District’s I Love Teaching Award. Robyn began teaching in Weber School District in 1985 and has taught at Farr West Elementary for the past 23 years. She is a teacher-leader who has a strong foundation of student relations and “best-practice.” Mrs. Cutler’s annual testing results are always near the highest in the school in both proficiency and individual progress. She is highly respected by the community and well-loved by her students.

Our school and Weber School District benefits and is blessed by the selfless service and professionalism of Scott Fairbourn. When reflecting on how we, as a grateful staff and faculty, may word our recommendation and express our admiration, we determined that all would have special thoughts and feelings to share. Included with this letter of recommendation are those messages of love, respect, and admiration.

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It is my pleasure to nominate Mr. Shane Denton for the Weber School District “Teacher of the Year” award. Mr. Denton has been a valued member of the Fremont High School faculty for more than thirteen years. Mr. Denton’s positive attitude and love of science and children are reflected in the outstanding quality of the program of science instruction that he has maintained at Fremont High School.

March A+ Team AwardI would like to nominate Melanie Vigil, Ben Walworth, and Jon England, our sixth grade team of teachers at Lakeview Elementary, for the A+ Team Award. Melanie, Ben and Jon are excellent teachers who collaborate together to provide an amazing learning experience for the sixth grade students at our school.

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It is my pleasure to nominate Mrs. Patricia Thorpe for the "I Love Teaching Award". Mrs. Thorpe has been a valued member of the Fremont High School faculty for twelve years. Mrs. Thorpe's positive attitude and love of English and children are reflected in the outstanding quality of the program of English instruction that she has maintained at Fremont High School.

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Bonneville High School would like to nominate Larell Cottle for Weber School District’s “Classified Employee of the Year” award. Larell is the head custodian at Bonneville. He has been keeping Bonneville High School looking great for over half of its 50 year history.