A Blog, short for Web Log, allows teachers to reach out to students, faculty and parents; distributing information quickly and accurately. By making a blog, employees of Weber School District can dispense information to students and parents online, which allows them to access it during their free time and in the comfort of their own homes. Using text, pictures, and attachments the blog makes for an easy log of daily events, upcoming happenings and even can assist sick students catch up on work they may have missed.

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Blog Statistics

This is an average of how often a blogger posts each month. Only posts that contain at least 25 words are counted. Improve your ranking in this area by writing new, thoughtful posts regularly.

This is an average of how many comments are posted to each blog per month. Improve your ranking in this area by encouraging your students and parents to discuss, post feedback, and interact in your comments section.

This is the total number of words each person has written in their blog posts and pages over the past 90 days. Improve your ranking in this area by continually updating your blog with new and interesting content. Keep in mind there is value to keeping posts concise so readers won't get bored halfway through reading them. Split exceptionally long posts into multiple posts if necessary, and avoid lengthy, long-winded discourses when possible. Only blogs which have been updated within the last 30 days are listed.

This is the percentage of teachers at a school who have written a blog post within the past 30 days. Improve your school's ranking in this area by writing posts more frequently, and keeping your content up-to-date with new and interesting information about your classroom.

Active Blogs

Shown below is a timeline of the active blog count in Weber School District. An "active" blog is one in which at least one post was made during the month.

  • Total Staff Blogs: 2758
  • Total Comments: 29349
  • Average Words per Post: 62.5
  • Total Posts: 61623
  • Average Posts per Blog: 7.8
  • Total Words: 3853619