MyWeber is your access to all things going on with your child in
the Weber School District! Instantly check for missing
assignments, real-time attendance updates, current grades, and
even lunch account balances. Use the system from the comfort
of your own home to see exactly what's going on at school.

MyWeber support is here to help you navigate and use all the technologies in the District.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My student can't login with their student ID?

Students can login to the system the same way parents can from the login page at

Over the summer all student accounts were reset with a new password. The usernames have remained the same. The new password is the students full student ID(ex 90001234). Please be sure to reset your password to something besides your student ID.

If your student has problems logging in they need to speak with someone in the office or in the computer labs at their school.

The student login is normally their last name then their first two letters of their first name. (eg. Vincent Coates = coatesvi) They can find out this information and their password from the office or the computer lab.

As a parent you should still be able to login unless you have not set up a parent account yet. To set up a Parent account please call your school office and request a MyWeber Activation letter. They can mail the letter to you. If you would like it sooner you can visit your school office. Remember you only need to call or visit one school.

I don't have a Student PIN?

The system will provide you with a PIN as long as you have your student ID. Simply begin the creation process and after entering the Student ID click the link that says, "Don`t know your student`s pin? Click here.".

I don't know my Username?

Usernames are always the same as the email you used to create the account or the email that is currently linked to the account. Simply type in your full email address. example.,,, etc.

How do I set up automated emails?

In MyWeber parents have the ability to set themselves to receive automated emails.

To set automated emails log into MyWeber -

Once you are logged in select "Preferences" from the top, right menu area.


Now you can simply select the notifications by clicking on "No" to switch it to "Yes" and vice versa.


I changed my email and now I cannot log into MyWeber?

Sorry for the inconvenience. When you change you email remember to login to myWeber with your old email and password and change your email in our system.  You can do that within the 'Preferences' Section.

How do I pay my lunch fees online?

You can make online payments for lunch, book fees, sports fees or anything else necessary within the district. You can set up an account and make a payment once you complete the registration process.  This differs depending on your school.  Please login to myWeber and navigate to the Lunch screen to locate the 'Pay Fees' link in the top right corner under your student's information and GPA.


Before you register remember you will need your student's "Student ID" number. This can be found when logged into MyWeber. Once logged in hover your mouse over your students picture. The "Student ID" is listed along with other information.

How can I send an email to a teacher?

The email function is being worked on at this time. We hope to have it back up as soon as possible. In the meantime, please use your normal email program(yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.) to communicate to the teachers. You can find the teachers email on the progress report at the top right.

How can I set up a parent account?

To set up a parent account please go to myWeber and create an account. All you need is personal information about your student which includes their student ID.  Most students have this memorized but if they don’t simply check their report card or call the school.

Create your account now at

How do I change my email address?
  1. Log into the system with your old email address and enter that email address and your password.
  2. Select "Preferences" from the top, right menu area.
  3. Type in your current old email then add your new email address twice.
  4. Once you have added this information select "Update Preferences".
  5. An automated email verification will be sent to your new email. You must respond to the email within 24 hours or your entire account will be deleted. If you have any problems with this email please let us know as soon as possible at
  6. You will still be logged into the account.
  7. Once you log out you will need to log in from then on with the new email address you provided.
How do I add students to my Parent account?

The school maintains the student's records and their connection to parents and guardians. Please call the school and have them add your student/s. They can add the student/s to your current parent account.

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