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What are Transition Services?

Transition services are activities, academic and functional, that help a child who has a disability, move effectively from school to post high school outcomes.  The intent of transition is to focus on the student’s needs, strengths, preferences, and interests.  Administrators, teachers, parents, related professionals, and the student work together to develop and implement a plan for attaining a successful and satisfying life after high school. 

Transition services include considering the following domains:

* Employment, including supported employment

* Postsecondary educational activities, including postsecondary education, vocational training, and continuing adult education

* Independent living, including exploration of residential options and adult daily living skills 


Helpful Transition Linkages

Career Inventories and Planning Tools:  Site features comprehensive education and career exploration assessments and planning tools which are free to all Utah residents.  Career Connection Site:  “Whether you're investigating careers, exploring education and training, or looking for a job, this website has tools and information to help you make informed decisions.” Expert help with career options, career change, career search, job skills and choosing a college major or training program.  Here you will find free and easy to use tools to help young people prepare for adulthood. The life skills assessments provide instant feedback.

Transition Service Providers:

Service Providers List

Transition Resources:

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