At the November 7, 2012 Board Meeting, Weber School District was presented with the "Energy Lighthouse Award" from Cenergistic, formerly Energy Education, for our district's continued excellence in environmental and financial resource stewardship.

Our district first entered into the energy management program nine years ago. The program endeavors to change people's attitudes about the use of energy. In the beginning, energy managers Reynold Allen and Maloy Hales helped to jumpstart our district's participation in the program. They performed energy audits at our schools, often in the middle of the night and on weekends, to make sure employees had properly turned-off unused equipment. As many of our employees will indicate, they would find happy face notes or sad face notes depending upon whether they had powered down properly.

Currently Reynold Allen and James Child have kept the program going strong, continuing with energy audits and looking for energy saving opportunities at our schools, as well as educating staff on ways their efforts can contribute to reducing energy costs.

Drew Wilson, Administrative Director of Facilities & Operations, said, "Our district receives inquiries from other school districts, both in the state and outside, because our district has such an exemplary energy management program. We have been told that out of all the districts in the state, Weber School District is the top program in the state of Utah.  We should be very, very proud."

Thanks to our energy management processes, we have not only been able to be good stewards of the environment but we have achieved more than $16.7 million in energy cost avoidance over the life of the program. In addition, we really need to give credit to our teachers and staff, because without them, we would definitely not be this successful.