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Monday, 07 November 2022 10:51

Select Health News

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Seven Tips to Keep Healthcare Costs Low 11024 1

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Thursday, 21 September 2017 08:07

Flu Shot Clinic

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2023 Flu Shot Clinic Calendar

Flu shots are available for all students, family members, staff, and community members.

Please have your insurance information available when you come to get your vaccine

Flu Shot Clinic FormsFlu Shot Clinic Forms


All clinics will be an hour (longer only if needed) unless otherwise specified




9:00- No Ogden Elem
1:30- Hooper
1:30 - 3:45 pm


9:00- Kanesville
9:00- H Guy Child
1:00- South Ogden Jr
1:30- Valley View


9:00- West Haven
9:00- Lakeview
10:30-12:30- GH Sr Ctr
1:30- Liberty
2:00- Mound Fort Jr


9:00- Plain City
9:00- Valley Elem
1:00-Snowcrest Jr
1:00- Bonneville High



9:00- Canyon View
9:00- Green Acres
1:00- Roy Jr


9:00- West Weber
9:00- Wash Terrace
1:00- Rocky Mtn Jr
1:30- Highland Jr


9:00- Uintah
9:00- Roosevelt
1:00- Washington High
1:30- Shadow Valley


9:00- Good Foundations
10:00 am - 1:00pm
WSU Union building


Drive Thru Flu Clinic
10:00 am - 2:00 pm


9:00- Roy Elem
9:00- Roy High
1:30- Midland


9:00- Bates
9:00- Pioneer
1:00- North Ogden Jr
1:30- Country View


1:00- TH Bell Jr
1:00- Sand Ridge Jr


9:00- North Park
9:00- Lomond View
1:00- Two Rivers High
1:00- Orion Jr


9:30 - 11:45 am


9:00- Riverdale
9:00- Farr West
1:00- Weber High
1:30- Majestic


9:00- Silver Ridge
9:00- Municipal
1:00- Wahlquist Jr
1:30- East Ridge


9:00- Orchard Springs
9:00- Freedom
1:30-3:30- Weber
Innovation Center


2:00-4:00- WSD District





OCT 30

9:00- Burch Creek

OCT 31

2:00- Ogden High



9:00- Heritage
9:00- Mt Ogden Jr
1:00- Fremont High
1:30- New Bridge



1:30 - 3:45 pm


1:30- Polk


9:00- Wasatch
9:00- Lincoln
1:30- Bonneville


1:30- Ben Lomond High

13 14


Weber County Open
Enrollment 9:00-1:30



9:30 - 11:45 am


Tuesday, 07 March 2017 10:59

Corporate Gym Membership Information

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We continue to work with local gyms to provide membership discounts to our employees.  The following gyms have committed to provide a discounted corporate membership to Weber School District employees and family members. Please click on the gym below for more information:

Vasa Fitness

If you are interested in the Vasa Fitness discount please fill out the enrollment form below and email it to  in payroll or contact Kellee Carpenter for further detail. You must work at least 20 hours a week to qualify for a discount. The Vasa membership is $16.99 a month and is deducted from your paycheck. This membership includes all amenities except daycare and classes (Please visit for further information about inclusions). You can visit any Vasa Fitness location. There is no annual fee. 

Vasa Enrollment Form.

EOS Fitness

If you are interested in EOS Fitness please email EOS for additional information Please see attachment for more information.

eos fitness membership linked FAQs

Sunday, 23 October 2016 21:29

Wellness Program

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Wellness Incentive- Health Screening

*WSD employees must be insurance eligible to qualify for wellness incentive.


Schedule Your Health Screening & Flu Shot Appointment Today!!

Insurance Eligible Employees,

Weber School District’s health screenings will be held the following dates at Weber Innovation High (1007 West 12th Street, Ogden 84404)

*Please click on the following date to make an appointment:

November 1st 1-5:30 pm

November 2nd 1-5:30 pm

November 3rd 1-5:30 pm

November 8th 1- 5:30 pm

November 9th 1-5:30 pm

We are excited to share that flu vaccines will be available at the health screenings this year!

Health Screening Information

Please note participation in a health screening is optional. 

Employees also have the option of participating in a health screening/ physical from their own physician.  A health screening/ physical that was completed between February 1, 2022- January 31, 2023 will be accepted.  Employees will need to have their physician sign the attached physician form.

Wellness Incentive

Employees who participate in a health screening, complete an online personal health assessment and select a primary care provider will be eligible for one of the following incentives:

Convert 2 sick days to 1 personal day



Spouse Participation

*Please note- Spouse’s who are enrolled in Weber School District’s health insurance have the option of participating in the wellness incentive program. 


The spouse will receive their own $25 gift card by participating in a health screening.  The gift cards will be distributed by the schools in April.

Employees must complete a Health Screening by February 1, 2023 to be eligible for the Wellness incentive.  Wellness incentives will be included on the March 1, 2023 paycheck.


Q- Do I have to be enrolled in the district's health insurance to participate in the health screening and be eligible for the wellness incentive?

A- No, employees do not have to be enrolled in the district’s health insurance plan to participate.  However, employees must be eligible for health insurance.  Employees who work 6 hours or more are eligible for health insurance. 

Q- If I participate in a health screening through my doctor, when do I have to submit my physician form to Human Resources to receive the wellness incentive?

A- Physician forms need to be signed by the employee's doctor and submitted to Human Resources by February 1st, 2023 to be eligible for the Wellness incentive.  Human Resources will need the original physician form.

Q- Do I need to make an appointment to attend Weber School District’s health screening?

A- Yes, employees and spouses need to schedule an appointment to participate. 

Wellness Incentive Options:

WSD Employees

-Convert 2 sick days to 1 personal day



Spouse on WSD insurance 

$25 gift card

Please note: if a spouse works for WSD in any capacity they will receive the $25.  Due to IRS regulations we are not able to issue a $25 gift card to a WSD employee.

How do I qualify for a wellness incentive?

-To qualify for a wellness incentive an individual must participate in a health screening and complete the online health risk assessment through Select Health's wellness carrier Virgin Pulse.


There are 2 options for the health screening wellness incentive. Option #1 attend one of WSD's Health Screenings or Option #2 visit your physician for a health screening.  In order to qualify for the wellness incentive employees must participate in a health screening and complete a online health assessment through Select Health.

Please see more information regarding these 2 options below.  

Option #1

Due to the increase in COVID cases, WSD health screenings have moved to a virtual appointments through a phone call.  To schedule a virtual appointment with Select Health go to  The following is a tutorial video on how to create your Select Health account:

Create a Select Health Account

*After you participate in a health screening you need to complete the online health risk assessment through Select Health.



Visit your doctor for a physical.  Have your doctor complete the Physican Form and turn the form into Sue Mecham in Human Resources.  Human Resources will accept a physicial completed by your physician between February 1, 2021- January 31, 2022.  Please have your physician sign the following form:

Physician Form


*After you participate in a health screening you need to complete the online health risk assessment through Select Health's wellness carrier Virgin Pulse.


*Options 1 & 2 need to be completed by February 1, 2022 .  The wellness incentive will be issued on March 1, 2021 paycheck.


Spouse Participation

*Employee spouse must be enrolled on Weber School District health insurance plan to receive the wellness incentive $25 gift card.     

Spouse participation is OPTIONAL. Spouse's will need to complete option 1 or option 2 above and the online health risk assessment through Select Health's wellness carrier Select Health to qualify for their own $25 gift card.  

*Options 1 or 2 need to be completed by February 1, 2022.  Spouse gift cards will be distributed by the schools in April 2022.  


If you have questions please contact Sue Mecham 801-476-7847 or Human Resources- 801-476-7886.