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Inclusiveness is the intentional practice of making sure others are not left out. It is offering a seat at the table for all people. It is making sure no one is marginalized or discriminated against. When we are inclusive, we are able to learn from others who have different experiences, attitudes and mindsets than our own. When we are inclusive, we become stronger.  Inclusive children are kind, empathetic, thoughtful and encouraging. Below you will find resources you can use at home to help teach this important skill to your child. 

Resources for Young Children:


Raising an Inclusive Child

7 Key Steps to Raising Inclusive Kids

How to Encourage Your Child to Include Others

How to Teach Your Child to be an Includer


Play Pretend: How to Include Others

Ideas for Solving Exclusion Problems in the Classroom


Sesame Street: Mila Kunis: Include

The Number 1 Way to Teach Kids About Inclusion

All About Acceptance (song for kids about accepting others)

Resources for Adolescents:


Teaching Teens to Be Inclusive

11 Ways for Teaching Children to Be Inclusive of Others

5 Steps to Include Others


Ice Breaker Grab Bag


Include Others

Will Smith Surprises Viral Video Classmates for Their Kindness

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