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Understanding the Importance of Diversity

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Understanding the importance of diversity means valuing and seeking out the perspectives of individuals who differ from us. People can be different in many ways including race, ethnicity, age, abilities/disabilities, language, orientation, culture, appearance, socio-economic status and religion among others. The more exposed students become to diversity the more likely they are to dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. Being exposed to diversity has several positive implications for children and adults. It provides an opportunity for self-reflection and growth as well as an increase in empathy, awareness, tolerance, and open-mindedness for other’s ideas and perspectives. It builds trust amongst people from diverse backgrounds and prepares children for life in our ever-diversifying society. Below you will find resources you can use at home to help teach this important skill to your child. 

Resources for Young Children:


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Resources for Adolescents:


Teaching Teens to Respect Diversity

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Why Diversity Education Matters for Kids and Their Parents


5 Fun Activities to Teach Your Kids About Culture and Diversity

More Diversity Activities for Youth and Adults

Awareness Activities


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