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Quote Forms


1Purchasing RequirementsPurchasing Requirements89.06 KB548 times
2Purchasing PoliciesPurchasing Policies239.38 KB562 times


1Written Request Quote FormWritten Request Quote Form203.75 KB555 times
2Telephone Bid FormTelephone Bid Form91.19 KB546 times
3Specialized Service Provider & Training Justification FormSpecialized Service Provider & Training Justification Form85.27 KB524 times
4Sole Source RequestSole Source Request218.34 KB435 times
5New Vendor Request FormNew Vendor Request Form51.96 KB458 times

State Contracts

IFAS and P-Card Training Documents

IFAS Training DocumentsIFAS Training Documents

1Receiving GuideReceiving Guide30.54 KB791 times
2Purchasing 101Purchasing 101643.75 KB909 times
3IFAS Training DocumentsIFAS Training Documents456.66 KB1548 times
4IFAS GuideIFAS Guide359.25 KB863 times
5Entry of PO in next FY 2006Entry of PO in next FY 200635.78 KB780 times

P-Card Training DocumentsP-Card Training Documents

1P-Card Training ManualP-Card Training Manual1.25 MB713 times
2P-Card Lost Receipt FormP-Card Lost Receipt Form82.77 KB489 times
3P-CARD LOGP-CARD LOG30.49 KB493 times
4P-Card ApplicationP-Card Application323.79 KB512 times
5P-Card AgreementP-Card Agreement84.13 KB507 times


Sunday, 30 October 2016 21:40

Invitation to Bid

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Want to be a vendor?

The following documents may be included in this solicitation: Solicitation forms, general terms and conditions, provisions and general instructions, and bid specifications.

Please review all documents carefully before completing.


1Invitation to Bid Vendor Response FormInvitation to Bid Vendor Response Form68.83 KB1176 times