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Sheri Heiter

Director Of Curriculum

(801) 476-7956

Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood

PT District Office Specialist

(801) 452-4980

OGDEN, UT 84405

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Curriculum Department is to assist administrators, teachers, and students in providing the best possible resources and support to foster student learning. Areas of responsibility include: 

  • Professional Development
  • Instructional Services and Support
  • Textbook Adoption and Instructional Resources  

Professional Learning Target

Increase understanding and application of depth of knowledge/cognitive rigor as related to standards, assessment, instructional delivery and differentiation

Desired Outcome

All educators will have a depth of content and pedagogical knowledge that will result in increased cognitive rigor and relevance in the classroom.

Ongoing Areas of Focus

  • Increase understanding of depth of knowledge/cognitive rigor as related to standards, assessment, instructional delivery and differentiation
  • Support the effectiveness of collaborative teaming
  • Analyze and use student achievement data to drive instructional decisions
  • Strengthen teachers' understanding of subject-specific content, standards and the range of complexity within both
  • Use data and feedback to design professional development

Programs & Services

AP (College Board) Library Media
Assessment Mathematics (Elementary)
Blueprints for SAGE Assessment Mathematics (Secondary)
Career and Technical Education(CTE) Physical Education /Health
College and Career Readiness Preschool, HQSR
Concurrent Enrollment Science (Elementary)
Credit Recovery Science (Secondary)
Driver Education Student Learning Obj. (SLOs)
Dual Immersion Social Studies / History
English  Learners Special Education
Federal Programs (Title I & ELL) Upcoming Events and P.D.
Fine Arts and Performing Arts USBE Professional Learning Catalog 2016-17
Gifted and Talented Programs Textbooks/Resources
HMH Collections Utah Core State Standards
Language Arts (Elementary) Weber Online
Language Arts (Secondary) World Languages
Leadership & Learning  

WSD Instructional Support Framework

Noteworthy Curriculum Programs or Activities

Video Portal: The district has acquired video rights for thousands of educational videos. You can search by topic or a specific title. Check it out the Video Portal.

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