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Saturday, 29 October 2016 19:59

Staff Directory

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Atkinson, Lynette

CTE Coordinator

ROY HIGH 801.476.3618

Donley, John

CTE Coordinator

CTE 801.476.6524

Green, David

CTE Coordinator

WEBER HIGH 801.476.3716

Long, Raymond

CTE Director

CTE 801.476.6522

Marriott, M Chad

CTE Coordinator

CTE 801.452.4019

Meyer, Jeffrey

Work Based Learning Coordinator/Teacher Group

CTE 801.476.6526

Mindrum, Susan

CTE Secretary

CTE 801.476.6521

Nielson, Charles

CTE Coordinator

BONNEVILLE HIGH 801.452.4090

Sagers, Rebecca

CTE Coordinator

CTE 801.476.6523

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