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Class Course Length Grades Avaliable
Dog Training  Full year - 2 period block 10, 11, 12
Drone Technology  Half year - 2 period block 10, 11, 12
Bicycle Repair Training  Full year - 2 period block 10, 11, 12
FIre Science  Half year - 2 period block 10, 11, 12
Food and Science  Half year - 2 period block 10, 11, 12
Digital Graphic Design  Half year - 2 period block 10, 11, 12

Dog Training

This course looks at the relationship between humans and their companion animals. Species covered include dog, horse, and cat with an emphasis on dogs. The curriculum will cover a broad variety of areas including zoology, animal behavior, training, genetics & health care, animal husbandry, animal rescue, competition events and career exploration.

Drone Technology

This course is designed for all students interested in aviation careers. It includes a general knowledge of aviation, historical events, and aerospace studies/development opportunities. STudy aviation and areospace terminology, how aircraft and spacecraft fly, research and development of future systems, government and industry roles in the growth of aviation, and potential careers in aviation.

Bicycle Repair Training

This course prepares students to understand and demonstrate proper bicycle repairs, including steering systems, braking systems, drive/shifting systems and suspension systems. Students will understand and demonstrate proper safety procedures and gain understanding of bicycle anatomy and tools necessary to maintain them.

Fire Science

This is a program with a sequence of courses that prepare individuals to perform the duties of a firefighter. Instruction includes training in safety, firefighting, equipment operation, maintenance and the principles of Fire Science.

Food and Science

This course uses basic principles of physics, chemistry, and biology to enhance the learning experience and provide the scientific basis for study of materials. Students will understand the basic nature and properties of materials such as metals, polymers, ceramic glasses, and composites.

Digital Graphic Design

This course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills related to the graphic design industry. It is intended to serve as a starting point for several pathways including Digital Media, Graphics and Printing, 3D Animation and Game Development. This includes instruction and hands-on assignemnts in the following areas: creative design & layout, typography, color, related software, and computer and professional skills.