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Staff Directory

Carpenter, Kellee

Payroll Clerk

PAYROLL (80.1) .476-7801

Eppich, Melanie

Payroll Clerk

PAYROLL (80.1) .476-7802

Fritschle, John

Payroll Supervisor

PAYROLL (80.1) .476-7803

Tracy, Jenny

Payroll Clerk

PAYROLL (80.1) .476-7899

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Open Enrollment Information


1Payroll Cutoff Dates 2018-19Payroll Cutoff Dates 2018-1933.5 KB1236 times
2Insurance PremiumsInsurance Premiums154.48 KB1404 times
3Employee Online InstructionsEmployee Online Instructions124.02 KB1408 times
4Benefit GuideBenefit Guide7.99 MB3615 times

Payroll Information

Payroll InformationPayroll Information

1Payroll Cutoff Dates 2018-19Payroll Cutoff Dates 2018-1933.5 KB1350 times
2Eo 110729Eo 110729124.02 KB1084 times
3Employee Online InstructionsEmployee Online Instructions124.02 KB1068 times

New Employee/ Change Forms

New Employment Change FormsNew Employment Change Forms

1W-4 FormW-4 Form102.66 KB997 times
2Statement of IneligibilityStatement of Ineligibility1.27 MB957 times
3I-9 - Employment Eligibility VerificationI-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification71.96 KB973 times
4Employee Online InstructionsEmployee Online Instructions21.3 KB977 times
5Employee Disclosure StatementEmployee Disclosure Statement15.09 MB892 times

Employee Separation Forms

Employment Separation FormsEmployment Separation Forms

1Separation form 100203Separation form 100203638.91 KB1263 times
2Separation FormSeparation Form638.91 KB1277 times
3General Employee Notification Regarding COBRAGeneral Employee Notification Regarding COBRA21.91 KB1145 times
4Employee  Benefits NotificationEmployee Benefits Notification209.08 KB1132 times
5Emp ben 090715Emp ben 090715209.08 KB1171 times
6Cobra note 071217Cobra note 07121721.91 KB1063 times
7Cobra Election FormCobra Election Form50.59 KB1110 times
8Cef 100325Cef 10032550.59 KB1059 times

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John Fritschle

Payroll Supervisor

(801) 476-7803

Melanie Eppich

Payroll Clerk

(801) 476-7802

OGDEN, UT 84405

The Payroll Department is responsible for processing and verifying the accuracy of all information related to employees' pay checks and leave balances. It is the mission of the Payroll Department to support the overall vision of Weber School District by providing timely and accurate service in the delivery of compensation and benefits to our employees.


For Documents and Information please view our payroll resources section.

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Handbooks and Agreements

Handbooks and AgreementsHandbooks and Agreements

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Background Checks

Background Check Instructions

New employees needing a background check will need to come to Human Resources Department.  Employees should bring a driver's license or other form of picture ID and their Social Security card with them at the time of fingerprinting.  Total cost for the background check is $62.75.  You will need to pay with cash or check.

Why Are Background Checks Required?

Weber School District is charged with the responsiblity to protect the health and safety of all students and to protect the property of the Board of Education.  To help meet this responsibility WSD requires a criminal background check.  This background check is incorporated as part of the district hiring process.

Who Needs A Background Check?

All new district employees are required to complete a background check as a condition of employment unless a new employee has completed a background check through the Utah State Office of Education within 12 months of the date of hire, he or she must complete a background check through the district.

Utah State Office of Education (USOE)
Background Check Requirements for Educators

If you are in the process of applying for a teaching license through the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) or you are renewing your license, you may need to have a background check completed by USOE, in which case you would not need to have a check done through Weber School District.

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