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1W9 Form 2016W9 Form 201669.09 KB766 times
2TAX EXEMPT FORM2016 0607TAX EXEMPT FORM2016 0607Empty0 times
3Tax Exempt FormTax Exempt Form50.85 KB668 times
4Secondary Financial Procedures ManualSecondary Financial Procedures Manual104.32 KB646 times
5Sage ORS Participation reports   2015Sage ORS Participation reports 2015726.95 KB565 times
6Out of State Travel RequestOut of State Travel Request73.02 KB425 times
7Mileage SheetMileage Sheet7.85 KB802 times
8Mileage and Per Diem RatesMileage and Per Diem Rates80.19 KB481 times
9Grama Request FormGrama Request Form1.79 MB879 times
10Elementary Financial Procedures ManualElementary Financial Procedures Manual48.3 KB857 times

Financial Reports

 Financial ReportsFinancial Reports


1Adopted Budget 2018-19Adopted Budget 2018-19295.7 KB98 times


1Proposed Budget 2018Proposed Budget 2018551.09 KB291 times


1Proposed Budget 2017Proposed Budget 2017770.5 KB497 times
2Financial Statements 2017Financial Statements 2017657.58 KB252 times
3Final Budget 2017Final Budget 2017551.09 KB312 times


1Proposed Budget 2016Proposed Budget 2016857.06 KB438 times
2Financial Statements 2016Financial Statements 2016670.03 KB534 times
3Final Budget 2016Final Budget 2016770.5 KB533 times


1Proposed Budget 2015Proposed Budget 2015746.87 KB451 times
2Financial Statements 2015Financial Statements 20151.24 MB493 times
3Final Budget 2015Final Budget 2015857.06 KB472 times


1Proposed Budget 2014Proposed Budget 2014951.92 KB458 times
2Financial Statements 2014Financial Statements 20144.62 MB414 times
3Final Budget 2014Final Budget 2014746.87 KB335 times


1Proposed Budget 2013Proposed Budget 20139.48 MB464 times
2Financial Statements 2013Financial Statements 20133.52 MB314 times
3Final Budget 2013Final Budget 2013951.92 KB426 times


1Proposed Budget 2012Proposed Budget 20129.34 MB346 times
2Financial Statements 2012Financial Statements 20122.96 MB430 times
3Final Budget 2012Final Budget 20129.48 MB504 times


1Proposed Budget 2011Proposed Budget 2011865.04 KB303 times
2Financial Statements 2011Financial Statements 2011229.91 KB391 times
3Final Budget 2011Final Budget 20119.34 MB478 times


1Proposed Budget 2010Proposed Budget 2010857.99 KB319 times
2Financial Statements 2010Financial Statements 20101.21 MB419 times
3Final Budget 2010Final Budget 2010865.04 KB475 times


1Financial Statements 2009Financial Statements 20091.15 MB420 times
2Final Budget 2009Final Budget 2009857.99 KB438 times

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Staff Directory

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Bowman, Doriann

Business Clerk

FINANCE 801.476.7837

Charlesworth, Sherie

Accountant - Schools

FINANCE 801.476.7842

Craynor, Theresa

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE 801.476.7840

Goodsell, Melissa

Business Secretary/Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE 801.476.7831

Hodson, Julie

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE 801.476.7857

Manning, Melony

Accounts Payable Clerk

FINANCE 801.476.7834

Olsen, Michele

Business Support Accountant

FINANCE 801.476.7844

Petersen, Robert

Business Administrator

FINANCE 801.476.7841

Pilkington, Seth

Assistant Business Administrator

FINANCE 801.476.7843

Wells, Deborah

Business Support Specialist

FINANCE 801.476.7839

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Grama Request Form

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Note: Utah Code § 63G-2-204 (GRAMA) requires a person making a records request furnish the governmental entity with a written request containing the requester’s name, mailing address, daytime telephone number (if available); and a description of the record requested that identifies the record with reasonable specificity.

Note: The more specific and narrow the request, the easier it will be for an agency or office to respond to the request. If you are unsure about the records’ description, contact the agency or office records officer.

Note: Government keeps records in “series” or groups of records. To find out what series an agency or office maintains, visit the Archives’ website, The record series retention schedules on the Archives’ website include relevant descriptions.

GRAMA Request Form

Downloand and fill out the form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or mail it to:

Lane Findlay
5320 Adams Avenue Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405